WMEF Mission


Offering Scholarship Opportunities


The mission of WMEF is to financially support excellence in mathematics education for students and teachers in the state of Wisconsin.

The vision of WMEF is to develop financial partnerships with individuals and organizations that will ultimately provide educational opportunities so all Wisconsin students will acquire the mathematics skills necessary to be productive citizens ready to globally contribute in the 21st century.

In support of that vision, WMEF values:

  • Partnerships supportive of mathematics education
  • Efficient and effective use of all financial resources
  • Existence of high-quality mathematics education programs
  • A workforce of highly qualified individuals who possess world class mathematics skills


WMEF Goals:

  1. Solicit financial resources from individuals, organizations, businesses, corporations and foundations to support the WMEF mission
  2. Seek individuals and partnerships that will closely work with WMEF to identify ways to meet the WMEF mission  
  3. Provide scholarship opportunities for individuals who have the potential to positively impact excellence in mathematics education in Wisconsin
  4. Grant financial resources that support quality professional training for mathematics educators
  5. Support innovative classroom-based action research grants for Wisconsin mathematics educators
  6. Develop and maintain a long-range plan to ensure that the WMEF mission will continue to serve future generations of Wisconsin students