Distinguished Mathematics Educator


The Wisconsin Mathematics Council’s Distinguished Mathematics Educator (DME) Award is the most prestigious award that the Council bestows. The award recognizes individuals for their outstanding contributions and exceptional leadership and service to the Wisconsin mathematics education community.

Qualities of DME awardees include evidence of:

  • Active participation in professional organizations at the local, state and/or national levels.
  • Lifetime contributions to mathematics education.
  • Continued growth as a mathematics educator and leader.
  • Inspirational influence on others in mathematics education.


In order to be considered for the DME award, nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Provide significant contributions and distinguished service to mathematics education in Wisconsin.
  • Be recognized as a regional, state, and/or national mathematics leader.
  • Be involved in mathematics education for a minimum of 15 years, with at least ten years in Wisconsin.





Nominate an Individual!

Formal nominations must be submitted to the Wisconsin Mathematics Council no later than March 1 each year.

Nominations include completing the DME Nomination Form and submitting it along with a DME Nomination Letter outlining why the nominee should be recognized. All materials should be submitted to wmc@wismath.org.

The DME committee, appointed by the WMC president, will review candidates for the award and present the selection to the WMC Board of Directors no later than April 1 of each year. The DME awardee will be honored at the WMC Annual Conference. Questions about the DME award should be directed to the Wisconsin Mathematics Council email at: wmc@wismath.org.

Past DME Awardees

 Doug Burge 2021 Jennifer Kosiak 2020
 Erick Hofacker 2019 Mary Richards 2018
David Ebert 2017 Kevin McLeod 2016
Michelle Parks     2015 Beth Schefelker 2014
Richard Askey 2013 Margaret Jensen 2012
Sue Hanson-Otis 2011 Jane Fazio 2010
Frederick (Rick) Tufte 2008 Patricia Madsen 2008
DeAnn Huinker 2008 Linda McQuillen 2006
Diana Kasbaum 2006 Janis Freckmann 2006
Connie Laughlin 2004 Henry Kranendonk 2003
Jo Ingle 2003 Eric Schluter 2002
Carolyn Meitler 2002 Steve Reinhart 2001
James Marty 2001  Faye Hilgart 2000
Joan Grampps 2000