Teachers Resources

The Wisconsin Mathematics Council provides these links to sites related to mathematics education.  WMC does not endorse the content of the sites or links that extend from those sites. Summer AP Institute  June 23-27, 2014 Madison, WI

AAAS - Advanced Science Serving Society  (Project 2061) A long term initiative to advance Science, Mathematics, and Society

Annenberg Media The Annenberg Foundation sponsors a variety of activities in mathematics and science education

BestQuest Teaching system for Algebra - math

Cedar Point Lesson Plan  From "At the End of the Hallway: Collaborating with Physics Teachers" article in Fall 2013 Wisconsin Teacher of Mathematics.

Copernicus Education Gateway  A resource for teachers, students, and families

Cyberchase PBS Kids activities in mathematics

Daily Math  An Interactive site with articles and activities for grades 6 - 10

Early Mathematics Placement Tool (EMPT)  Sponsored by the UW-System, the WTC, and the DPI

The Joy of Pi 

LEAF: The WI K-12 Forestry Education Program  Offers a variety of professional development opportunities for educators to expand their forestry expertise.

Masters in Education Online   Free, comprehensive directory of accredited colleges and universities in the U.S. offering Master's programs for educators and administrators.

Math Forum A virtual center for math education on the Internet

MAA The Mathematical Association of America

MAA Wisconsin Section

NCTM Illuminations Activities, Standards, Lessons, and Web Links

PBS TeacherSource A teacher resource for several content areas

Te-mat.org A database to support professional development providers

UW Center for Placement Testing

Pi and Pi Day Resources:

Exploratorium Contains a history of Pi and Pi Day classroom activities

The Joy of Pi History of Pi Day, with links to other resources

The Pi Song Where the digits ARE the lyrics!

Pi Day Song Lyrics Contains a number of songs lyrics set to familiar tunes