Arne Engebretsen Memorial Scholarship

The Arne Engebretsen Memorial Scholarship (sponsored by Texas Instruments) was established to honor the man who dedicated his entire teaching career to improving the quality of mathematics education in the state of Wisconsin, the country and the world.  He was, in the finest sense, a master teacher.  Integral to his work was the use of technology and more specifically, hand-held graphing calculators.

Applicants must be a legal resident of Wisconsin and intend to study mathematics with a goal of teaching at the K-12 level.  The applicant must be a current high school senior who has shown a significant interest in pursuing a career as a K-12 educator with a strong interest in mathematics.

The application process opens December 1 of each year.  All applications must be submitted electronically either by completing them online or emailing the scanned application to

Applications are due March 1 of each year.