Annual Conference Handouts and Powerpoint Presentations

Handouts, slides, and materials will be solicited from presenters after the conference, and they will be posted below as they are received. If you don't see what you are looking for now, please check back in a few days. 

You may wish to review the final conference program for a complete list of presenters and sessions.

Thursday Morning Session

103. Project Based Learning: Covering the Curriculum, and So Much More

by John Schmidt, Jon Hasenbank

107. The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics: Hopes, Fears and Challenges as We Enter the Brave New World

by Steve Leinwand 

113. Navigate Student Learning Using the TI-Nspire Navigator

by Aimee Auer, Samantha Kable

115. Gaming the Classroom: Using Game Mechanics to Promote Student Engagement

by Christopher Hlas

116. The Mathematics of the Simpsons

by Dave Ebert 

121. An Introduction to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

by Joe Giera, Gerrry Shinners

125. Grading Homework is for the Birds - Or is It?

by Ben Dieck

128. RtI - A Systematic Approach

by Mark Schommer

130. Grabbers!

by Christine Lucas, Christine Kiefer

135. Making Math Memorable with Manipulatives the SMART Way

by Karen Corlyn

  • Fraction Towers.Notebook

136. Shedding Light on Student Achievement in Mathematics through a Professional Learning Community

by Jan Wickboldt, Terri Magnuson, Anne Wallisch

138. Collaborative Learning Teams and the Keys to Your Common Core Transition

by Jonathan Wray

143. Turning the Light on Mathematical Coaching

by Molly Olson, Sherrie Serros, Claudia Giamati

149. Engaging Students in Statistical Reasoning

by Beth Ritsema

Thursday Afternoon Sessions

201. Everyday Mathematics - Aligning Your Instruction to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

by Mary Freytag

203. Culturally Relevant Mathematics for the 21st Century

by Sara Cutler, Leah Creswell, Emily Pease-Clem

204. Multiplication of Fractions in the Common Core

by Paige Richards, Astrid Fossum

210. Assessment of Projects: How to Grade Projects and Still Have a Life

by John Schmidt, Jon Hasenbank

215. The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics: Hopes, Fears and Challenges as We Enter the Brave New World

by Steve Leinwand 

217. Can We Go Outside? Yes, Let's Go Geocaching!

by James Zillmer

219. Effect of Homework Choices on Student Achievement and Motivation

by Christopher Hlas, Matthew Bowe

220. Improving Your Implmentation of a High School Standards-Based Mathematics Curriculum

by Tony Pickar

221. Assessment and the Common Core

by Gerry Shinners, Joe Giera

222. CCSSM - Investigating the Math Practices

by Mark Schommer

225. Don't Slow Me Down with that Calculator (Addition, Subtraction & Fraction Mental Math Calculations)

by Cliff Petrak

227. Using Connections Among Representations to Assess Student Understanding of Operations (Grades 3-5)

by Lori Williams

228. Instructional Strategies that Foster Mathematically Proficient Students (CCSSM Standards for Mathematical Practice)

by Tracy Frank

237. Math Team for the Masses

by Scott Anderson

239. PLTW - Breaking Down the STEM Silos

by Ken Maguire


Friday Morning Sessions

309. Making Addition and Subtraction Concepts Meaningful

by Rosemary Irons

311. Podcasting and More: Using iPad2 to Extend Teaching and Learning Beyond Your Classroom 

by Jon Hasenbank, Maggie McHugh, and Jenni McCool

312. Math and Parent Partners (MAPPS): Parents and Teachers Learning Together

by Andrea Knapp, Mary Schumacher

317. A Linear Factors Approach to Quadratics

by Matt Roscoe

318. What Mathematics Should Non-STEM, College-Intending Seniors Study?

by Beth Ritsema

319. Now We're Really Clicking!

by Susan Popelka

321. Develop Math Reasoning of Students Identified as LD and EBD Using CGI in the Inclusion Classroom

by Judith Hankes, Stacey Skoning, Gerald Fast

331. ACT - Aligned by Design - Small School Update

by Scott Anderson

334. Don't Slow Me Down with that Calculator (Mental Math Calculation Methods for Squaring and Multiplication)

by Cliff Petrak

Don't Slow Me Down Handout.pdf

341. The Models of Co-Teaching in the Mathematics Class in Action

by Kim Trendel, Michelle Koenig

342. Wisconsin's Vision of RtI

by Heidi Erstad, Heidi Thuli

346. Literacy and Mathematics

by Susan Haydock

348. The Factox Method and Other Ways to Teach Factoring

by John Schmidt and Jon Hasenbank

352. The Math Path: From High School to Technical College

by Mike Flory, Jennifer Flory


Friday Afternoon Sessions

407. Learning About Number - Natural and Complex for Children (PK-2)

by Rosemary Irons

410. Wisconsin RtI Stories

by Kristin Leglar

412. GeoGebra in the Middle Grades

by Matt Roscoe

418. Writing, Projects and Other Assessment Strategies

by Richard Miles

422. Developing Academic Math Vocabulary - Strategies to Get Them (and Us) Talking

by Michelle Bittick

438. 101 (Base Two) Binary Curiosities

by Norbert Kuenzi