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Editorial, Dr. Josh Hertel, University of Wisconsin La Crosse p. 1.

President's Message, Lori Williams, Manitowoc Public School District, p. 2.

Exploring Triangle similarity Using AngLegs and GeoGebra, Bhesh Mainali, University of Wisconsin Superior, pp. 3-7.

Using Number Talks to Develop Student Understanding of Equality and the Equal Sign, Jill Leffler and Mindi Stoneman,  School Districts of Greenfield and South Milwaukee, pp. 8-14.

The Struggle is Real: Anticipating Student Misconceptions, Katelyn Albright and Derek Pipkorn, Mequon-Thiensville School District, pp. 15-19.

Stop Counting By Ones: Seeing Twos and Threes as a Foundation for Kindergarten, Laura McNelly, Milwaukee Public Schools, pp. 20-23

Engaging Our Students in Upper-Level Mathematics: Finance Applications, Dave Ebert, Oregon High School, Oregon, WI, pp. 24-29. 

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