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  2021 WMC Board of Directors Election

The 2021 Election Results

 President Elect


Lisa Hennessey

4K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Coordinator

Sun Prairie School District

I am interested in seeking the president-elect position on the Wisconsin Math Council Board of Directors to broaden the scope of my work and impact more students in the state of Wisconsin towards developing mathematical identities.

I believe that I will be an incredible asset to WMC through my past 10 years of experience in math education.  For the first seven years, I served in the role of classroom math teacher with the opportunity to co-teach with both special education and ESL teachers.  Not only this, but in my years in the classroom, I had the opportunity to go through an instructional transformation from a traditional textbook to an inquiry-based approach. Following this, I served in the capacity of Geometry PLC leader (4 years), Teaching Learning and Equity Council/Math Department Chair (2 years), and Social Justice Committee Facilitator (1 year) all at Sun Prairie High School.  My current role is 4K-12 Mathematics Coordinator for Sun Prairie Area School District (3 years).

In 2017, I earned my Master’s in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis through UW-Madison where my passion for equity surfaced during the program.  This led to my current roles in the district as summer school principal (elementary) and 4K-12 Math Coordinator.  Through the Sun Prairie Area School District, I have been trained in AVID, CPM, Carnegie, Bridges, Beyond Diversity, and student-centered coaching.  I have also attended and presented at WMC’s multiple PD opportunities throughout the years (dating back to 2010 as an undergrad).  In addition to working with SPASD, I have taught math through UW-Madison’s PEOPLE program and served as a College Preparatory Mathematics Teacher Leader, facilitating workshops and coaching teachers around the state.



Jane Patterson Mlenar

Middle School Math Teacher and Curriculum Facilitator

Greendale Schools 

 I have had the privilege of serving the WMC as secretary for the past two years and I would love to extend my service for another term. I was on the board 25 years ago and now being on the current board I know some history and appreciate the way the board continues to grow and evolve and serve its members. I taught 12 years in the Milwaukee Public Schools and 19 in Greendale Schools. I am a National Board Certified Teacher (2002-present) and a 2000 Presidential Awardee (PAEMST). I am passionate about teaching students mathematics and continually exploring the essential question, "How can we use math to make decisions about our world." I hope that you will consider voting for me to continue my work as the WMC Secretary.     

State-Wide Representative


David Ebert

High School Mathematics Teacher

Oregon High School

 I am honored and excited to be considered for a position on the Wisconsin Mathematics Council Board of Directors.  I believe my experience in leadership roles at the state and national levels, plus my dedication to the improvement of mathematics teaching and learning, will be a benefit to the mathematics teachers of Wisconsin and their students.

I have been teaching high school mathematics at Oregon High School in southern Wisconsin since 1996. During this time, I have strived to engage ALL of my students by using student-centered, hands-on tasks, and by promoting the beauty and joy of mathematics.  Building positive connections with my students is a key to my teaching because it allows me to push them beyond their comfort zone and allows them to feel comfortable in taking risks and making mistakes.  I have shared my love of mathematics with numerous teachers by presenting multiple times at the WMC Annual Conference, writing numerous articles in the WMC journal, plus presenting at many other state and NCTM conferences. 

Additionally, I have been involved in a number of leadership roles throughout my career.  I previously served on the WMC Board of Directors from 2006 to 2014.  I also was honored to serve as WMC President from 2011 to 2013, as well as the Annual Conference Program Chair on seven separate occasions.  I also served as a member of the NCTM Board of Directors from 2017 to 2020, and will share my national expertise with the WMC Board.  I am proud to be a member of the Wisconsin Mathematics Council, and I am excited to have the opportunity to serve the mathematics teachers of Wisconsin once again as a member of the WMC Board of Directors.

PK-2 Representative


Mark Bussian

Second Grade Teacher

Sun Prairie Area School District

Hello, my name is Mark Bussian and I am finishing my first term as WMC’s PK-2 Representative. Over the past three years, I have seen first-hand the great work WMC has done in striving to provide equitable opportunities for all learners, grades Pre-K through the University level. I have been a classroom teacher in the Sun Prairie Area School District for 14 years. In that time, I have taught students in 3rd grade, 2nd grade and Kindergarten at Eastside and Token Springs Elementary, as well as Summer School Principal at Westside Elementary. I serve on our district's Math Steering Committee. I worked with a team of teachers to select our current K-5 math instructional materials. I have enjoyed leading professional development opportunities within our district to help new teachers get started with implementation of our math resources, as well as supporting teachers to find engaging ways to reach all learners. Through the Wisconsin Math Council, I have enjoyed attending the Green Lake Conference and have learned something new that I have taken back to share with my coworkers each year. Most recently, I presented at WMC’s Math Chat and appreciated the great discussions and networking that this Professional Development opportunity allowed for math teachers across the state. I am proud of the work that has been done as a WMC Board the past few years and look forward to hopefully having the opportunity to work with the board to continue promoting high quality math opportunities and professional development in Wisconsin. Thank you for your consideration. 

Higher Education/University Representative

Erick Hofacker

Professor of Mathematics

University of Wisconsin - River Falls

 I am currently in my 23rd year of being involved in Mathematics Education at the local, state, and national level.  My teaching experience is predominantly working with post-secondary students.  My current position is a full professor in the Mathematics Department at UW-River Falls.  I have taught a wide range of mathematics courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level which include: Statistics, Mathematical Modeling, Calculus, Integration of Emerging Technologies, Algebra & Trigonometry, Probability, Math for Elementary Teachers, and Discrete Mathematics.  In addition to these courses, I also teach courses as part of our Middle School and High School Mathematics Blocks.  These courses provide both preparation in content and pedagogical content knowledge related to becoming a middle school or high school mathematics teacher.  

Over the last 14 years I have directed our undergraduate mathematics education program at UW-River Falls, preparing over 120 new secondary mathematics teachers in that span of time.  Over the last five years I have also directed the graduate mathematics education program, which works with in-service mathematics teachers.  During that time, I have been involved in curriculum and program reform which has strengthened both of our programs and strengthened the preparation and continued development of mathematics teachers within our respective programs.  Most recently I worked with my colleague to develop a two-block model at UW-River Falls, which expands to serve the preparation of both elementary and secondary mathematics teachers and provide increased and targeted practicum experiences at both the middle and high school levels before student teaching.  I am an advocate for the inclusion of more mathematical modeling and statistics in the mathematics curriculum; and providing professional development for current and future teachers related to these topics.

Since 2007 my colleagues and I have been awarded over 2.5 million dollars in national and state grants to conduct 17 projects related to the development of pedagogical content knowledge and best practices in mathematics teaching for K-12 mathematics teachers in the state of Wisconsin and university mathematicians from across the country.  I have conducted over 1500 hours of professional development related to these projects and have had the privilege to work with approximately 300 K-16 Mathematics Teachers.  Through these projects in-service and pre-service teachers have been invited to share their gained knowledge giving presentations, many for the first time, at the annual WMC Math conference.

Since 2004 I have given over 200 presentations at local, state (WMC), national (NCTM & MAA) and international (ICTCM) mathematics conferences.  These presentations have focused on rich mathematical tasks, mathematical pedagogical content knowledge, emerging technology, mathematics educational research, the mathematical practice standards, 5 Practices for Orchestrating Discussion, and the development of future mathematics teachers.  With my colleagues, I have also published multiple chapters in books related to the use of polling devices in the mathematics classroom, as well as the empowerment of teachers through the standards for mathematical practice.

I am currently chairing the 6-8 and 9-12 committees for the revision of the K-12 mathematics standards in the state of Wisconsin.  I am also currently leading the Wisconsin team as part of the national Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership (MTEP) project, where we are focused on retention and recruitment of mathematics teachers in our state.  In addition to these projects, I am also involved with the state of Wisconsin Math Alignment Task Force where we focus on connecting K-12 mathematics teaching with post-secondary mathematics instruction. 

Throughout the last 12 years I have won the following awards related to my teaching and research related to Mathematics Education.  In 2019 I was awarded the Distinguished Mathematics Educator Award - State of Wisconsin by the Wisconsin Mathematics Council.  In 2016 I was awarded the Excellence in Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activity in College of Arts & Sciences - Sciences & Mathematics Division by the University of Wisconsin – River Falls in part due to my securing of grants to work with K-12 math teachers and university mathematicians related to improvement of mathematics teaching and pedagogical content knowledge.  In 2010 I was awarded Dr. Keith G. Wurtz Teaching Award – Innovative Teaching by the University of Wisconsin – River Falls in part due to my infusion of technology and teaching pedagogy in my university classes.  In 2009 I was awarded both the Outstanding Faculty in College of Arts & Sciences – Sciences & Mathematics Division and the Wisconsin Teaching Fellow award based on my work in the classroom.     

 Please read the WMC Nominations and Elections Process for more details.

The Wisconsin Mathematics Council is committed to developing a slate of candidates that reflect the diversity of Wisconsin students, as well as encompass various geographic locations throughout the state.


    WMC Board Position Descriptions

    The President-Elect is an officer of the Board of Directors. The position is a one-year term moving directly into a two-year President position and a one-year Past President position. Duties include:

    • Become acquainted with the responsibilities and duties of the President.
    • Solicit the Board members for interest in committees and committee chair positions and present a slate of committee chairs to the Executive Committee.
    • Preside at meetings of the Council and Board if the President is absent or unable to perform required duties.
    • Appoint Annual Conference Chairs for each conference.Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Board.

    The Secretary is an officer of the Board of Directors. The position is a three-year term. Duties include:

    • Take the official minutes of all Council, Board, and Executive Committee meetings.
    • Maintain an official record of Board meeting attendance. 
    • Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.

    The four open Representative positions are three-year terms. The duties of Representatives include:

    • Attend and actively participate in all Board meetings and online discussions.
    • Advocate for the representative group (i.e., elementary mathematics, high school mathematics, etc.).
    • Serve as a liaison to a committee cluster, which may include additional meetings or phone conferences.

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