2016 Annual Conference Speaker Materials

Wednesday, May 4, 2016 Pre-Conference Workshops

  • P001 - Laying the Foundation for an Exemplary PK-12 Mathematics Program, Developing Effective Teaching Practices, and Creating a Plan of Action Handouts by John SanGiovanni and Jennifer Novak, Howard Country Public School System
  • P004 - Let's Play!  Who Says Learning Can't be Fun? Link to Resources by Velvet Holmes, Oregon School District

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thursday AM Sessions

  • 116 - Supporting Teachers in Action! Link to Resources by Tracy Frank, CPM Educational Program
  • 117 - Transformational Geometry - Immediate Interactive Investigations (Grades 7-11) Link to Resources by Tom Reardon, Fitch High School/Youngstown State University
  • 119 - AVID Interactive Notebooks & Mathematics Slides by Kent Wedemeyer, Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School
  • 125 - A Course Responding to the UWM Study on Placement and 4 Units of High School Math Slides by Beth Ritsema, Mathematics Education Consultant
  • 127 - Fact Fluency in Action: Rolling Out a Fact Fluency Plan Slides by Megan King, Kolak Education Center & Kim Woodkey, Merrill Elementary School
  • 129 - If Timed Tests Aren't the Answer, How Do We Assess Fluency? Link to Resources by Jennifer Metke, Slinger Schools & Stephanie Bernander, UW-Oshkosh
  • 130 - Building Common Core Learning Trajectories for Students and Teachers: Supporting Core and Interventions K-5 Link to Resources by Kerry Motoviloff & Kristina Whiting, Madison Metropolitan School District
  • 133 - Fact Fluency Slides and Handouts by Lori Williams, Manitowoc Public School District
  • 134 - Number Fact Strategies for Addition and Substraction Slides and Handouts by Rosemary Irons, ORIGO Education and Mathematics Education Consultant
  • 138 - Doing and Talking Math: Engaging ELs in the Discourse of Math Practices Slides and Handouts by Rita MacDonald, UW-Madison
  • 142 - Mind Over Matter: Developing Growth Mindsets in Middle Grades Slides by Jane Lewis & Danielle Pierro, Greenfield Middle School
  • 143 - Statistical Significance: What is It? Slides by Sara Brown & Jeff Ziegler, Brookhill Institute of Mathematics
  • 151 - Effective Teaching through the Umbrella of Questioning Slides by Colleen Thompson, Mishicott High School & Lisa Hennessey, Sun Prairie High School
  • 156 - Exploring Math Tasks and Student work with the WSMI Fellows Slides by Paige Richards, Sara Brown & Jeff Ziegler, Brookhill Institute of Mathematics
  • 157 - National Board Certification...Professional Development that Matters Slides and Handouts by Stacy Shrode, Kelly Jansen & Jodi King, Kimberly High School
  • 158 - Supporting the Productive Struggle Handouts by John SanGiovanni & Jennifer Novak, Howard County Public School System
  • 162 - Addition and Subtraction of Fractions on the Number Line Slides by Elizabeth Cutter & Adriana Balistreri, Edgerton Elementary School
  • 176 - Calculator Scene Investigation Handouts by Mary Walz, Sauk Prairie High School

Thursday PM Sessions

  • 207 - Roundtable Discussion - What Strategies Positively Impact English Language Learners in the Classroom? Slides by Kari Andrews, Sheryll Richert & Peggy Rice, La Causa Charter School
  • 208 - Going Beyond Fast Facts: A Balanced Approach to Assessing Multiplication Fluency Slides and Handouts by Danielle Palm, Clemens School & Kristine Gettelman, Milwaukee Public Schools
  • 210 - Algorithms Schmalgorithms!  Doe We Always Need the Shortcuts? Slides by Christine Lucas, Whitefish Bay High School & Jennifer Szydlik, UW-Oshkosh
  • 212 - Number Lines, Fractions, and Rational Numbers: Choosing the Best Representation to Deepen Understanding Slides and Handouts by Veronica Ocampo & Madeline Neuwort, Milwaukee Public Schools
  • 215 - Let Them Fail: Engaging Students in Productive Struggle Slides by Derek Pipkorn, Steffen Middle School
  • 227 - Reaching for the Standards and Building the Base of Mathematical Development Slides and Handouts by Sara Cutler, Madison Metropolitan Public Schools
  • 231 - Increasing Procedural Fluency through Games Slides and Handouts by Catherine Hunt & Chris Boettcher, CESA 5 and Nicole Cooksey, CESA 4
  • 232 - Using Depth of Knowledge (DOK) to Add Rigor to the Mathematics Classroom Slides by Paige Richards & Jeff Ziegler, Brookhill Institute of Mathematics
  • 234 - Deepening Mathematical Understanding Using Literacy Tools Slides and Handouts by Kenneth Davis, Laura Adams, Barb Novak & Marci Glaus, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
  • 247 - Effective Teaching with Mathematica Visualization and Live Interaction Slides by Abraham Gadalla, Breck School
  • 250 - CPM (College Preparatory Mathematics) Networking Session Link to Resources by Tracy Frank & Bruce Brusoe, CPM Educational Program

Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday AM Sessions

  • 305 - Assessing Mathematical Understanding in Grades K-1 Slides by Lori Williams, Manitiowoc Public School District
  • 309 - Moving Beyond Show and Tell Math Discourse Slides by Rose Palmer, School District of Waukesha
  • 312 - Do-It-Yourself 3-D Models Slides by George Marino, Aurora Central Catholic Schools
  • 313 - Problem Solving Circles: Independent Mathematical Literacy for ALL Students Slides and Handouts by Nicole Hawkins, College Park Elementary School
  • 327 - Matematical Language - Do You Know the Words? Slides and Handouts by Rosemary Irons, ORIGO Education, Mathematics Education Consultant
  • 328 - From Books to Bucks: Linking Literature and Money for Young Earners Handouts by Jennifer Guenther, Economics Wisconsin
  • 332 - A Deeper Look at the "Core" of Effective Mathematics Teaching: Empowering Students Slides and Handouts by DeAnn Huinker, UW-Milwaukee
  • 333 - How to Get the Parents of Your Students to See Mathematics in Action! Slides and Handouts by Michelle Butturini, Reedsville Elementary/Middle School
  • 334 - A Model Approach to Word Problems and Arithmetic (K-8) Handouts by Greg Tang, Greg Tang Math
  • 335 - Assessments - We Aren't Doing them Wrong, But are We Doing them Right? Slides and Handouts by Mark Schommer & Sarah Trimner
  • 337 - Make Math STICK OUT! Handouts by Michelle Bittick, School District of Mauston
  • 339 - Using Unit Fraction Reasoning to Apply and Extend Understanding of Operation with Fractions Slides by Eric Kanters & Elizabeth Cutter, Maple Grove Elementary School
  • 340 - Use Origami to Engage, Promote Geometry Understanding and Growth Mindset Slides by Shelly Grothaus, Nature Hill Intermediate School
  • 346 - Using Virtual Manipulatives to Enhance Student Learning and Engagement Slides and Handouts by Lindsay Reiten, UW-Madison
  • 349 - Investigating WISELearn's Open Educational Resources Slides by Bill Kujawa, Brookfield East High School
  • 352 - Vocabulary in Math?  Yes, it is Important Slides by Sheryll Richert & Kari Andrews, La Causa Charter School
  • 355 - Bridging the Gap from Counting to Operations: Numeracy in Young Learners Slides by Nicole Hawkins, Robin Swartz & Margaret Kinateder, Greendale School District
  • 362 - Personalization of Academics: Meeting Student Needs at their Academic Readiness in Mathematics! Slides by Lisa Krohn, Sam Hett, Melissa Sweger, & Lyssa Lausersdorf, Johnson Creek School District
  • 369 - Standards Based Grading in the Common Core Secondary Classroom Link to Resources by Sara Phillips, Menominee Indian High School
  • 372 - By Chance or Statistically Significant? Handouts by Mary Walz, Sauk Prairie High School

Friday PM Sessions

  • 401 - Developing Linear Thinking: A Progression from PreK-Grade 2 Slides and Handouts by Melissa Hedges, UW-Milwaukee & Beth Schefelker, South Milwaukee School District
  • 403 - Tips for Creating a Language-Rich Math Class Handouts by Sandy Atkins, Creating AHAs
  • 413 - Invoking the Math Practice Standards through Algebraic Card Tricks Slides by Peggy Hartwig, Discovery Education
  • 424 - Talk with Our Kids About Money and the Money Fair Handouts by Jennifer Guenther, Canadian Center for Economic Education
  • 425 - Being Intentional with Formative Assessment Classroom Techniques Slides by Crystal Vesperman & T. Michael Brown, The Prairie School

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